Department of Botany


The Department of Botany is multidisciplinary department established in 2009, committed to the development of academic excellence in teaching. We offer a three years Bachelor of Science Degree. The department is highly motivated and excited to share both their knowledge and passion in the field of Botany. As an integral part of the undergraduate education, the department carries out extensive field work to ensure that our undergraduate programme is at par with the current requirements in Botany practical field. The Department is also going thinking to provide Departmental library facility, to organize National Conferences, Poster and Seminar competitions, Science exhibition in upcoming time to inculcate research and competition culture among the faculty and students.


The aim of the Department is to strengthen its core activities of teaching, training and research. The department would also like to expand in future, the development of technology and industrial interaction under its auspices. The main thrust of the Department however is in the areas like Taxonomy of  Angiosperm, Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, Ecology and Phycology.

Courses offered: Undergraduate course.

Academic & Co-curricular Activity:

  • Seminars
  • Short & Long Botanical Excursion
  • Medicinal plant Survey method (Collection, identification and herbarium preparations)

Professional Membership:

  • Life Member of Botany Teacher Association, Amravati Chapter, S.G.B. Amravati University, Amravati.


  • Well Equipped Laboratory

Research Contribution:

  • National / International Research Paper Published  = 15
  • National / International Conferences participated    = 13

Future Plan of Department:

  • Establishment of Medicinal Plant Garden in college campus.
  • Establishment of Botany Laboratory with modern scientific facilities.
  • Collaboration with Forestry Department of Yavatmal district for the re-survey of flora (floristic study of Angiospermic plants) of Yavatmal district.

Teaching Faculty

Non-Teaching Staff