Department of Geography


Education in Geography provides opportunities to students in various areas likes metrological department, survey department, irrigation, mines, etc. They have bright future in tourism also. So students can get consultancy and also earning source. The department is engaged in field based quality of education. The department offers a three-year undergraduate course Bachelor of Arts in Geography.


The aim of the Department is to enhance student’s interest in geography and prepare them for earning sources. Also create awareness of different geographical areas and biodiversity among the students through field based study.

Courses offered

  • Undergraduate courses

Academic & Co-curricular Activity

  • Projects
  • Home Assignments
  • Study Tour at Different Geographical Places.


  • Experienced teaching staff with quality of education.
  • Sufficient geographical instruments.

Plan of action of Department

  • To organize guest lectures on different aspects of geography.
  • To established geography lab with modern instruments.
  • To arrange the geographical survey of Dhanoda village in Arni taluka.

Teaching Faculty