Department of History


The department of History is established in the year 1984-85 and the subject is taught to the under graduate (Bachelor of Art) classes. The department is executed by Mr. V.R. Tokase, Assistant Professor & Head as the only faculty member. The faculty develops the department and augments the strength of students opting for History Course. The department is actively engaged in execution of various academic activities, which boost the confidence of students and inspire them to pursue History as one of the options for achieving betterment in their prosperous, bright life. It is very much helpful for students facing competitive examinations.


The aim of department of History is not only giving good knowledge of history but also to cultivate spirit of patriotism and a sense of national integration among the students.

Courses offered: Undergraduate courses (Bachelor of Arts).


  • To create historical awareness among the students.
  • To provide historical information and to unfold the hidden history of this area.
  • To provide guidance for various competitive examinations.
  • To encourage and promote the students in historical research activities.
  • To make awareness among the students with history of various nations.
  • To update the knowledge of student in history.
  • To educate the students in the area of “Modi-Lipi”.
  • To visit some of the historical places to give practical knowledge to the students and to make them learn about the historical places through their

Academic & Co-curricular Activity:

  • Seminars
  • Guest Lectures
  • Unit Test
  • Study Tours
  • Wall Posters


  • Use of overhead projectors & internet facility.
  • Central Library

Teaching Faculty