Department of Music


Education in Music provides opportunities to participate in various professional musical programmed. So students can get consultancy and also earning source under the scheme of “Earn and Learn Scheme’’. Also, there are various opportunities such as Instrument player, Vocalist in Navy, Army, Indian Railway Band Services and Music Therapist in Hospitals.  The department is engaged in imparting quality education in the field of Music. The department offers a three-year undergraduate course Bachelor of Arts in Music.


The aim of the Department is to enhance student’s interest in Music and prepare them for “Earn and Learn Scheme’’. Large numbers of students from rural areas lack the basic knowledge of Music and it is a great challenge to the department to make these students confident to learn and master this subject; so as to succeed in their career. Student’s apathetic attitude towards learning and studies is a big challenge for teachers so to motivate them is the foremost challenge for the department.

Courses offered

  • Undergraduate courses

Academic & Co-curricular Activity

  • Seminars
  • Projects
  • Home Assignments


  • Experienced Staff with quality education
  • Sufficient music instruments

Plan of action of Department

  • To encourage the students for music competition.
  • To organize guest lectures on different aspects of music.
  • To established music lab with modern music instruments.

Teaching Faculty