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The department of English was established in 1984 with the beginning of English subject offering language & literature as its specialization. The main aim for establishment of this department was to develop the awareness about English literature among the rural students as well as rural folks in the vicinity. In addition to this, the department is engaged in several cultural activities.


To create Awareness about English language along with different literature’s and to provide encouragement for generation of new literature as well as writes.

Courses offered: Undergraduate courses.

Academic & Co-curricular Activity:

  • Seminars
  • Guest Lectures
  • Wall Poster Presentation
  • Reading & Writing Completion
  • Essay Competition
  • Reading club

Professional Membership:

  • Member of Nagpur University Teacher’s Association.


  • Central Library


  • To enhance & foster interest of students in learning English language & literature.
  • To make students to be able to stand on their own by acquiring the basic skills of English language learning.
  • To make students job efficient & create job skills required for employment and make them self-reliable.
  • To provide platform for students to build their carrier in English language & creative writing.
  • To provide information of job opportunities in the field of

Teaching Faculty